Droid Prime Specs

For those interested in learning more information about Droid Prime specs, prepare for a list of rumors as opposed to concrete Droid Prime specifications. As of yet, little to no information is known about Droid Prime specs, although a few hints and rumors exist around the internet.

Without further ado, here is a list of the Droid Prime specs we expect to be included on the smartphone whenever it ends up being released:

Operating system – Android Ice Cream Sandwich

This Droid Prime spec is obvious. The Droid Prime (also known as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus Prime) will feature the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. In fact, that’s one of the few features we know for sure.

We know which operating system the Droid Prime will run because Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, said so in an interview last fall. Specifically, Schmidt said that the Nexus Droid Prime will be the first Ice Cream Sandwich super smartphone

CPU – 1.5 GHz multi-core CPU

According to rumors, the Droid Prime will feature a 1.5GHz CPU with dual-core technology. These rumors were published on a website called GottaBeMobile.com and are completely unsubstantiated, so take them for what you will

720p AMOLED HD display

Another rumor from GottaBeMobile.com is that the Droid Prime will feature a crystal clear, HD AMOLED display. If true, that would make it a colorful and bright screen with sharp contrast ratios and crystal clear text and image processing. Most people also suspect the screen to be between 4 inches to 6 inches in size.


Pricing has not yet been announced, but expect the Droid Prime to compete with Apple’s iPhone in terms of price level. That would mean approximately $500 for an unlocked device or $199 when signing a contract with your favorite mobile phone service.

Docking mode for tablets

Late in 2011, Samsung and Google held a conference called CTIA. At that event, Samsung didn’t reveal much information about the Droid Prime. However, they revealed enough information to get Droid fan site Droid-Life.com talking.

In this screenshot, Droid-Life.com picked out what it believes is a tablet docking with a smartphone. Of course, the picture probably doesn’t show how the two devices actually connect (why would one go on top of other like that?), but it does hint at the possibility that the Droid Prime could feature a special docking mode for tablets.

What gave Droid-Life.com that idea?After brightening the image, they spotted three unique connectors on the left hand side of the device. Could these connectors be used to link up to a tablet device? We’ll have to wait and see to discover if this Droid Prime spec rumor is true.

Take a look at the picture here and decide for yourself. Obviously, the green and red text has been added in. Photo courtesy of Droid-Life.com:

Droid Prime weight,memory, storage space, and other technical specifications

Unfortunately, we can’t even begin to guess at any of these Droid Prime specs. It’s simply too early to tell how much memory the Droid Prime will have, or how much storage space it will use.


Take the information above to be an educated guess about Droid Prime specs. Some guesses are more educated than others (like the fact that the Droid Prime will feature the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system) while others are complete shots in the dark. Until the Droid Prime is officially announced, we won’t know anything more about Droid Prime specs.

Stay tuned to DroidPrime.net for more info as we move closer to the release date!

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