Droid Prime Reviews

Once the Droid Prime is released, there are sure to be a ton of Droid Prime reviews around the internet. But what is the Droid Prime? And what will these reviews say? At this point, it’s difficult to guess. However, we do have a few ideas:

The good:

Samsung is hoping that Droid Prime reviews will focus on the good features of the tablet. Here are some of the most exciting features and specifications that the Droid Prime is expected to have:

  • Fast processing power: The Droid Prime is expected to have a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU or faster according to GottaBeMobile.com
  • Amazing screen: Expect the Droid Prime to feature at least a 4.65” AMOLED screen (significantly bigger than the iPhone 4s)
  • Lots of RAM: Previous Samsung Galaxy models have featured lots of RAM, making them faster than many other smartphones. Expect Droid Prime reviews to talk about the high RAM specs.
  • HDMI connector: Reviews might also mention the Droid’s Prime fantasticconnection support, including micro HDMI and MicroSD support (the iPhone 4s has neither).

In early previews of the Droid Prime, websites like GottaBeMobile.com have suggested a number of features that would help the Prime beat out upcoming smartphones like the iPhone 5. Namely, the Droid Prime should feature 4G LTE technology if it wants to pull users away from the iPhone 5. It should also have a larger, more responsive screen than the iPhone 5 (which is sure to be its main competitor).

The bad:

Like any new tech device, not all Droid Prime reviews will be 100% good. Expect reviews to talk about a few bad features, including:

-Storage space: In the past, storage space for Samsung smartphones has lagged behind that of other smartphones. It’s tough to fit adequate storage space into the slim, curved design that many Samsung smartphones feature. If critics find one bad feature of the Droid Prime to talk about, it will undoubtedly be storage space. This is also an area that the iPhone 5 should seek to capitalize on.

-Carrier support: Carriers usually sign exclusive deals with smartphone manufacturers. AT&T jumped on the iPhone earlier, and Verizon has done the same with many Samsung smartphones. But if Verizon doesn’t think that the Droid Prime can compete with the iPhone in a head to head matchup, then it probably won’t carry the Droid Prime. If that is the case, finding the right carrier could be a big deal for the Droid Prime, and reviewers might mention lack of carrier support in their Droid Prime reviews.

Other things to consider about Droid Prime reviews

We don’t know what the next generation of smartphones will look like, and until we do, it’s difficult to say how the Droid Prime is going to stack up against other devices.

The iPhone 5 might have a ground-breaking feature that puts it miles above any other device on the market. If that is the case, then reviewers will undoubtedly note the lack of that feature in their Droid Prime reviews.

Stay tuned to this page for more review information. Until we know more about the Droid Prime, it’s difficult to make assumptions about Droid Prime reviews.

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