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Since the Droid Prime is currently in secretive development, very little information is currently known about its features. However, we’ve rounded up all the information currently known about Droid Prime features in order to give you some idea of what to expect when the Prime releases later this year (if it is even released later this year at all).

Most information about the Droid Prime comes from pre-release hype that was generated late last summer. In September, it was rumored that Verizon was going to be releasing a cool new smartphone called the Droid Prime. The phone would be exclusive to Verizon’s network. However, soon after those rumors were released, they fizzled out. Some say Verizon didn’t want to support the Prime because it would not be able to compete with the iPhone 5. Others say the Prime was just a code-name for the Galaxy Nexus or some other device.

In any case, the Droid Prime was certainly not released last year, and its current release date is still up in the air. However, here are the features that we know/suspect will be included in the Droid Prime:

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system

Google’s flagship operating system, Android, recently released its latest update, 4.1. The update was code-named Jelly Bean (continuing with the tasty treats theme that Google has been using for OS code-names).

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean features a few cool new toys, but it’s not a mind-blowing upgrade from Android 4.0. If it was a mind-blowing upgrade, it would have been called Android 5.0. Nevertheless, Jelly Bean made Android faster and smoother than ever before. It also added new widgets and enhanced users’ ability to take and share photos. The additions were minor, but they all enhanced the usability of Android devices.

Here is a full list of Droid Prime features that users can expect to see on the upgraded operating system when it is finally released:

  • A new ‘blue’ theme
  • Camera with built-in panorama mode
  • New and improved notifications bar
  • Support for Google Shopper
  • Redesigned Gmail app
  • Possible support for a tray with multiple apps
  • Google search bar embedded on the very top (like we saw in Honeycomb)

Source: WirelessAndMobileNews.com

The Droid Prime is expected to be the first phone to fully utilize the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, which is why so many users are getting hyped about the device.

Accessibility features

Like other Android-based devices, the Droid prime will undoubtedly showcasea number of accessibility features, including voice commands, ‘gesture mode’, and other tools designed to enhance the usability of the device.

Touch screen

Most smartphones today don’t have any physical buttons on the front of the device. It’s a safe bet that the Droid Prime will feature full touch screen usability.

A screen between 4 to 6 inches

4 to 6 inches seems to be the ideal range for smartphone screen size. The Droid Prime will likely feature a screen somewhere in that size range in order to compete with its main competitors.

1.5GHz dual-core processor, 720p Super AMOLED HD display

These hardware figures come from a GottaBeMobile.com report, so take them with a grain of salt. GottaBeMobile.com has hinted that the Droid Prime could feature a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, and that the CPU might be an OMAP4. In the same report, the website stated that a Droid Prime would feature a 720p Super AMOLED HD display, which would make it very attractive looking indeed.

Droid Prime features that compete against the iPhone

Any tech company entering the iPhone market must be prepared to fight Apple’s iPhone. While Blackberry was certainly the first major smartphone manufacturer, Apple has dominated market share statistics in recent years. Android-based devices are catching up thanks to a range of unique features that compete head-to-head against the Apple iPhone. If the Droid Prime wants to capitalize on smartphone trends, it will have to design unique features that capture the attention of smartphone users around the world.

Conclusion – what will the Droid Prime features be?

Ultimately, most of what we know about the Droid Prime is speculation. Until an official announcement has been made, nobody knows what the Droid Prime features and technical specifications will be. Stay tuned to DroidPrime.net for the latest Droid Prime news and information!

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